Tasty Tangy Couscous


I whipped this up last night before heading out to see Annie Mac DJing in The Twisted Pepper in Dublin.  She played a KILLER set, everyone was going mental and now my head and feet are sore today.  Twas great.

This is from BBC Good Food as well.  I had a serious craving for a light salad after all the carbs last week.  Couscous is beautiful and I got some lovely oregano flavoured soft feta cheese from M&S.  This took about thirteen minutes to get ready.  That’s how I likes it.

What you need for BBC Good Food’s Tangy Couscous Salad for four

300g couscous

Around 1/2 litre of veg stock

2 courgettes, sliced into grillable strips

100g crumbly feta

20g parsley chopped

Juice of 1 Lemon

Salt n Peppa

Pour the veg stock over the couscous in a big bowl and let it sit there and soak for around ten minutes.  Make sure you give it a fluff with the fork so it doesn’t go all lumpy.

Heat up a griddle pan and cook your corgettes for a few minutes on both sides til they’re done.  You can do this under the grill as well of course.


Once your couscous is ready, mix in your crumbled feta, parsley, corgettes and squeeze in the lemon juice.  Season with salt and pepper to your hearts desire.

It was very nice and light, although it was slightly bland.  Probably could have done with a bit more lemon juice to make it more tangy.  But it gave me an instant energy boost, for real.



As I was cooking, I was listening to Super Extra Bonus Party’s new album, which they’re releasing on the 15th May with a gig in Andrew’s Lane Theatre in Dublin and a few more around the country.

Niall does some design for the lads and he does live visuals too, and as they are his old flatmates before he moved in with a girl (moi), we’re obviously great friends with the lads.  So I love their music and it has a special meaning for me as I’ve heard the tracks as they have been written over the last year or so.  In saying that, I loved their music before I met Niall – in a way the band sort of introduced me and Niall.  But that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I’m really proud of the lads with this second album.  I loved their first album for its crazy, eclectic, schizophrenic genre hopping tracks.  This album, called Night Horses, continues in the vein of being quite hard to pin down, but it’s an altogether more cohesive piece of work that shows a great progression in such a short time since the last release.  I’m really excited about what people are going to say about the album when they hear it.  I think people will love it.

Below is the mp3 for Radar featuring Canadian MC Cadence Weapon, which was recorded in the lads’ kitchen late-ish in the evening sometime last year.  Myself and Niall were in the kitchen at the time and it’s great to hear how it’s come together in the end.  It sounds bleedin’ brilliant. IMO.

Check their website out for tour dates and all other info.

Super Extra Bonus Party – Radar featuring Cadence Weapon – (Night Horses)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I sure love your cheery, bubbly personality, and I dig that you listen to music as you cook. How much fun is that? This looks like a good salad to whip up when my boys are gone. Delish!

  2. Hey Recipe Girl! I’m thrilled that you’ve visited my wee blog! Your blog is like food porn – and I mean that in a good way, obviously. I’m definitely going to try your peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies asap, they looked incredible.

    The couscous salad is really nice and light, and honestly takes less than 15 minutes to make. A quick fix for a healthy supper.

  3. Just met quinoa a few months ago, myself, and love it. My first go ’round, I paired it with orange and lemon zest and juice, some stock, herbs and tuna. Yum. Diggin’ the Greek vibe with the lemon, feta and zucchini (okay–courgettes. Sheesh)!

  4. Yay for couscous, one of the quickest dinners known to man. If I had it, I’d dump some mint into this too – when there’s couscous in the house, I can rarely resist adding mint and lime juice. Tangggggyyyy :)

  5. Hey PastryChef! Your quinoa recipe sounds gorgeous! Must try that. I just bought some quinoa the other day but haven’t used it yet. I think it’s a little more like bulgar wheat than couscous isn’t it? But you could no doubt use the same recipes for both. I actually like the name zucchini better than courgettes!

    Hiya Spud – yup, the mint and the lime juice would have worked really well. It was a very nice salad but it was definitely missing something. I ended up putting a lot more salt into it than I usually put on any of my food so…it tasted salty rather than anything else!! It was nice though, but yeah…mint and lime next time!

  6. Mmm, that couscous looks so summery and delightful. Perfect for the heatwave we’re having this week. Now if only our local zucchini were available. Can’t wait to try this one, Aoife, it looks yummy!

  7. Hi Diva – glad to hear you’re having a heatwave! We had a heatwave for half an hour today and then it was over, you know yourself what the weather is like over here!

    It was a nice little salad, but I’d take the daily spud’s advice and add some mint and lime juice to give it an extra kick as it was definitely missing that special something :)