Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

These little beauties were a product of my Naughty or Nice column in The Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine. I had wanted to highlight cherries as a delectable summer time ingredient and a bit of brainstorming led to my making these individual cherry cheesecakes.

I used mascarpone as my soft cheese, which I do prefer to use over Philly. I love a good spoonful of Philly but I like the texture mascarpone lends to a cheesecake. It makes it seem somehow more authentic. These little beauties were very straightforward to make and do well in the fridge so are a great one to make ahead.

What you need for Mini Cherry Cheesecakes for 4

50g butter

125g digestive biscuits (about 2 or 3 biscuits)

300g mascarpone cheese

50g icing sugar

1/2 vanilla pod

140ml double cream

20 fresh cherries

Shortbread biscuits, to serve

Melt 50g of butter and mix it with 125g of finely crushed digestive biscuits.

Divide this golden biscuit crumble between four ramekins or pretty jam jars, using something flat to pack it down into the bottom of the ramekin. Let them cool in the fridge for one hour.

Mix 300g of mascarpone cheese with 50g of icing sugar and the seeds of half a vanilla pod until well blended and smooth. Now stir in 140ml of double cream and mix until smooth.

Divide this mixture between the four ramekins, smoothing it as you go so you can properly pack those ramekins. Let them set in the fridge for at least one hour.

The last step is to prepare your cherries. Remove the pits from about 20 cherries. Stew them in a dry frying pan over a medium to high heat until they have started to release their juices slightly, stirring constantly. Let them cool before dividing them between the four ramekins.

Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with shortbread biscuits.

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  1. Hello Aoifa.. I made these yesterday and they turned out superb. I agree the choice of cheese makes for far better results. Thanks for the idea. I ate one and have four more for tomorrow’s lunch in the fridge. I made them in silicone ramekins.

  2. Hi Aoife – Loving your features on cherries. Trying to get my little one Molly to eat more fruit at the moment and cherries are a favourite. Agree on the use of mascarpone – quite a treat isn’t it?
    Keep up the good work on the blog!

    • Thanks for the comment Elaine! And, indeed, mascarpone really is a treat. Hope Molly is still on the cherry train! :)

    • Ah the fickle world of a 9 month old…. Cherries are soooooo last week – we have moved on to plums ;) Any recipes we should be trying?

      • Haven’t got round to plums yet myself :) Pass on any good recipes you’ve found!

        • Will do of course. Have a few up my sleeve somewhere (recipes, not plums… most of them are on the floor, all over the furniture and in my hair – the joy of having a baby)..!

  3. O wow, your photos are so delicious. And they seem so simple :)

  4. Will do of course. Have a few up my sleeve (recipes, not plums…. plums and other things all over my floors, furniture, clothes etc but that’s what you get with a 9 month old…!)