Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party


That’s right, Red Lemonade.  Illegal in every other country in the world except Ireland.  After a fashion.

A while back, I was reading through the excellent Eat Like A Girl blog, which is by Niamh who is an Irish lady based in London.  I saw this post about a Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party and I said by gum, I’ll have me one of those, thank you very much.

So I invited a few folks over to our flat and we had a really, really fun night of eating some rather ridiculous food.  I’m still in a carb coma today.  My goodness, it was fun though!

Big, big massive thanks to Aoife Daily Spud, Angela, Darragh, Loreana, Rapture Ponies, Rick, Jocelyn and Niall for bringing all the lovely food and for being a wonderful bunch of people.

Quote of the night: ‘Are you trying to out Phil Collins each other? Oooh let’s have a Phil Off!’

I’ll let the pictures do the talking as I am suffering from a hands-up guilty hangover.


We started the night with my Guilty Pleasure of Pimm’s No 1 Cup – it makes it easier to pretend that you live in Wimbledon.  I mean at the tennis competition, not just regular Wimbledon in London.  Traditionally you’re only supposed to add lemon and cucmber but I usually go for the sweeter strawberry and apple with cucumber and mint.  As a mixer, it has to be half lemonade and half ginger ale.  Bring it!


My second guilty pleasure of delicious olives and little fishies from the Temple Bar Food Market.  Guilty because I would eat that whole bowl by myself if I could.  Myself and Niall’s shared guilty pleasure is Tesco’s Caramelised Onion Houmous.  It would be a dark, dark day in our house if we ever ran out of it. Heaven forbid!


My third guilty pleasure was halloumi cheese fried in paprika.  Yum, yum, yum!


My last guilty pleasure was peanut butter and jelly sambos and a slice of apple with peanut butter.  Rick stepped up with his AMAAAAAZing CRISP AND HAM SANDWICH!!! A whole new level to the crisp sambo.  Gorgeous.


Darragh’s guilty pleasure was next and he popped these Eggy Oniony Worcestershire sauce Cheese on toast under the grill.  Heavenly.  Incredibly guilty.  Fabulous!


Aoife Daily Spud produced this Elvis Presley Pizza Dough Peanut Butter and Banana Bread. Did the King really eat this stuff?  It was…..divine!


Daily Spud’s Elvis Presley Pizza Dough Peanut Butter and Banana Bread!


The Guilty Pleasure Dinner Partiers – we’re missing Loreana who had to leave after the eggy cheese toast to DJ and Niall’s behind the camera!

The most anticipated course of the evening was The Daily Spud’s Potato Milkshake.  That’s right.  POTATO MILKSHAKE.  Above was the before pic and you can perhaps see wrinkles of trepidation behind our smiles as we hadn’t tasted the shots of potato smoothie yet!  They were YUM!  Weird and wonderful.  Maybe Spud will put up the recipes for her guilty pleasures on the blog and you can try the milkshake for yourself!


Around four hours after our first course, we got stuck in to Darragh’s Ice Cream Cream Soda Float served with Jocelyn’s Deep Fried Mars Bar. Although the photo may not do it justice, it was ridiculously tasty and scrumptious and COMPLETELY guilty!  We decided that a gastronomic masterpiece had been invented which will most definitely be served again at other more traditional dinner parties!

Soooo…you can’t have a Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party without truckloads of booze which meant that our heads were broken this morning.


And our guilty scoffing carried straight on through to this morning when we had Parmesan and Chive Scrambled Eggs for breakkie.  Mother of mercy, deeeeelicious.


OMG I am so full.


We actually had a Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party Playlist, with everyone sharing their guilty pleasures tunes via Spotify.  We listened to NKOTB, Pj & Duncan, Jason Donovan, Womak & Womak, Rolf  Harris, Sheryl Crow (that’s me – totally unindie), Will Young, Steely Dan (actually, there was no guilt involved in Steely Dan, love them), Warren G, Shuddupayaface… was fun.

The video below is definitely the best guilty track of the night….which is quite an achievement!

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  1. Funnest! My favorite sammich as a kid was, and this is how we “ordered” it from mom: “baloney-cheese-mayonnaise-bread-and-chips(crisps)” The ham and crisp sammich brought that one back. They’re good smashed onto peanut butter and jelly, too.

    I have never really wished to live in Ireland before, although it’s lovely and we had big fun at the wedding we went to in Dublin, but now I wish I had been there for guilty pleasure night. I would have brought ridiculously cheesy nachos. Or maybe mac and cheese. Or maybe pasta with olive oil and parm. Or maybe pb&j w/chips!

    What big fun; was prolly worth the hangover!

  2. Hi Jen! OMG I’m gonna make me a baloney cheese and chip sambo asap!! And listen, you will definitely make the guestlist for the next guilty pleasures party with THAT menu. Bring on the cheesy nachos!

    Our party was very bread related. I was actually planning to make a pasta dish with blue cheese and caramelised onions but we were all just too carbed out!!

    Definitely worth the hangover :)

  3. After last nights carbo-loading, I was probably fueled up enough to run several marathons, but physically incapable of doing anything more strenuous today than a bit of surfing on the net :) Thanks again for a most excellent evening. I am listening to Steely Dan as I type this and a post about the potato shake is on the way…

  4. It were a right proper night. You should see the faces on anyone I’ve told about the potato milkshake, total shock and disgust. Yet, it was so suprisingly palatable. I have a really dark guilty pleasure secret that I didn’t come clean with, but might as well share now. Penne pasta overcooked to the point of nearly melting, slathered in butter and Knorr aromat seasoning and sandwiched in toast with a little bit of marmite. It is so far beyond the bounds of what is normal I didn’t dare share it with you all the other night.

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  6. one day I’ll move to Dublin….just to get to all these lovely parties……not invited? ach……

  7. Looks like a great party – im of the same feeling as Manuel (though i think everyone knows that by now!)

  8. Don’t remember the last time I had so much fun *bows to the hosts*

    Niall’s inclusion of Rolf Harris on the playlist was enough to make it worth the journey by itself :-)

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  10. That’s flippin’ brilliant! I am intrigued by the potato milkshake… Guiltiest food pleasure? Ooooh, probably a plasticky white-bread sambo with cream cheese and Frazzles. Gotta try it.

  11. Yeah Phil Collins 4EVZZZZZ!!!!!! The actual video for that song has a dog in it, its amazing, I must find the link. hehe. I had a great time, thanks so much ,but was sad to leave and miss out on the rest of the guilty food, especially the potato milkshake. I have an unpalatable guilty secret like Dar- malt vinegar on manhattan popcorn and on cheese & onion crisps. Pour into the bag and shake! NOM.

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  13. Spud – Steely Dan are the business, no guilt in that at all. :)

    Darragh – holy crappola, that sounds like a mental sambo! You’ll have to make it for us sometime just so we can say we did it and survived!

    Manuel and Phil – well, maybe we’ll have another food party and we’ll spread the word beyond Dublin! You guys could always have your own Guilty Pleasures party up in Belfast eh? It was really fun, I have to say.

    Rick – the pleasure was all ours! The Rolf Harris bit was a highlight of the evening. And the Shaddupayaface was particularly memorable.

    Jen – the potato milkshake was genuinely yum. Check out The Daily Spud’s blog for the recipe and give it a go!

    Lolo – hook me up with that Phil Collins video! Shame you had to leave, hope your DJing was packed full of Collins. That vinegar thing sounds completely wrong….I’ll give it a go later tonight!!

    Thanks again to everyone for coming and making it such a fun night, and to everyone else here for commenting!

  14. Hi Darren – yes! Honestly, it wasn’t at all wrong. It was milky and honey tinted with a definite starchy aftertaste!

  15. Hmm…okay. I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve had a chance to taste it.

  16. My stars this sounds like such fun! What a guilty, carby feast you all had! I don’t even know where to start … though I’m all for the crisps sammie and that yummy cheesy toasty thing. I just love the photo of you all with your potato shake shots. Priceless!

    I may just have to steal this party idea myself! Seems like all the food bloggers should host such an event. Well done!

  17. Did I just seriously see red lemonade there? Gorgeous stuff :)

  18. The potato milkshake: surprisingly nice. But the Elvis bread and deserts were my absolute fave. Along with PJ and Duncan… and did we watch the entire I didn’t know I was pregnant video!?

    Thank you so much for the fun-ness…I’m already looking forward to the next one! :)

  19. Red Lemonade and Strawberry and Lemon I cream Floats.
    And the strangely nice, white pudding, monster munch and brown sauce on white bread sambos that my uni housemate used to live on!

    All worthy additions for the next menu! :)


  20. Hey Diva – twas so much fun! You definitely have to give it a go yourself!!

    TheChrisD – for shizzle, red lemonade is the stuff dreams are made of :)

    RPs – thanks again for joining us, so much fun. I think we did watch the whole vid!!

    Elf – HOLY MONSTER MUNCH! That sambo sounds so bad that is must be good :)

  21. Alright Indy, this is going to sound really disgusting, but my most secret guilty food pleasure….

    …is a peanutbutter and cheese singles sandwich with….. tomato soup.

    I think there a law against it.

  22. Oh haii forest – get off my food blog. You disgust me. Lol :)

  23. Hurrah! So glad our little shin-dig inspired you to have your own. Good stuff.

  24. Hi Lizzie! We had soooo much fun, I’m so glad that we were inspired too. We didn’t have Spam Ramen but I think our equivalent may have been the potato milkshake!

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  26. What a fantastic idea…I’m getting drools just reading…I have added a few recipes to my to-do list :) legends!