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COOKIE and PASTRY FAILS -  not safe for human consumption.

It has indeed been a pleasure to share my food fails of the last year with you all.  Although this particular tale begins with a food fail, it thankfully ends in a food win, with a little help from my friends.  Well, with the help of The Dublin Cookery School, that is.

Before Christmas, I attempted to make some cookies, as a little treat for friends and c0-workers.  Alas, as you can see from the above photo, this was not to be.  It was on the presentation of this squalid tray of molten cookie mixture that Niall had the perfect idea for a  Christmas present – a one day Baking Course at The Dublin Cookery School with Lynda Booth.  Thanks to The Daily Spud for the recommendation!

Off I trotted last Saturday, filled with the trepidation that anyone who’s ever failed at baking knows all too well.  There was no need to fear.  My baking demons were to be well and truly conquered.

Now.   This could turn out to be much like a trip to the hairdressers.  You know the way you can never get your hair to bounce like it did as you left the salon?  Perhaps my cakes won’t have quite the same bounce when I attempt to make them without the watchful eye of Lynda and her two helpers.

Throughout the course of the day, myself and the 25 or so other baking students worked through a series of recipes, some of which we ate at Little Break, some of which we munched at lunch, and the rest we got to take home and stuff our faces in private.  Oh, yeahhhh.

The whole process worked with Lynda making everything before we did in her presentation kitchen, giving us tips and answering our baking fear-related questions.  Then we were led with our recipe booklet in hand to work in pairs in the beautiful naturally lit hands-on kitchen space, where Lynda’s assistants had already weighed out all of the ingredients, for us to just put together.  Wish I had someone to do that for me every day, let me tell you.  They baby-sat our baking goods while they cooked, making sure that they all turned out perfectly, with not a Bake Fail in sight.

Here are a few pics of what we made throughout the day.  I would thoroughly recommend a course at The Dublin Cookery School, for yourself or as a present for the foodie in your life.  A fantastic way to spend a day,  and it has left me with  a quiet confidence  that, one day soon, I will bake.  Oh yes, I will bake!

We started off with Brown Bread, which we sat down to eat with delicious jam for our Elevenses.

I moved on to the pastry dough for our Crab & Gruyere Tart, which we had for lunch, with a glass of lovely white wine. Meanwhile, my partner Denis moved on to the Almond Macaroon Cake.

Then I got stuck into a Ginger Cake.  It was the first cake I have ever made successfully.  Hurray!

Once our cakes were done, we sat down to dessert with the creamiest most lovely Rhubarb Ice-Cream EVER and a lovely splash of Rhubarb Coulis.

Before it was time to go home, we made Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes.

We also made a lovely Chocolate Ganache Icing but the cupcakes didn’t actually last long enough for me to capture their beauty.  YUM!

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  1. Look at you with bread, pastry, tarts, cakes and cupcakes to your credit! I’m so glad you had a good day out at the Dublin Cookery School and am looking forward to hearing about further baking triumphs.

    PS I am also on the lookout for someone who will measure out ingredients for me and leave them in nice little bowls. If you find somebody (anybody) who does this, do let me know :D

  2. Wowsers! I want to go to there.

    I have one of the Joseph Joseph Nest 8 sets, which I swear is one of the main reasons I like baking now. Not quite as handy as having someone measure the ingredients out, but makes the whole thing that bit easier (and so colourful!)

  3. Hey Aoife – that looks great – especially the macaroon cake and the guyere tart and the bread – and oh all of it!

    I’d love tog et some cookery lessons – clever Naill for getting you the perfect present

  4. YUM indeed! I was so excited when Niall told us what he’s got you for Christmas, it was hard to keep my mouth shut! He’s like, the best boyfriend EVER! OMG you’re like, SO lucky!
    When we come over next month lets make brownies – the only thing I bother baking because honestly, I don’t really like cake… shocking I know. Although I do have one of the best brownie recipes ever. xxx

  5. Hi Spud! Thanks so much again for the tip. And yeah, I’ll let you know if I find someone willing to dedicate their life to measuring ingredients!

    Hi Catherine – I think the main thing for me is confidence, and I feel like the course helped me with that a good bit. Getting over the hurdle of making your first batch of bread with someone almost literally holding the hand the whole way was realllly useful for me! Well, that remains to be seen as I haven’t tried it on my own yet….but I plan to tackle the bread and pastry again soon!

    Hey Lucy – it was quite a happy home for the next few days after the course as well, quite a lot of baked goods to get through!

    Oh haii false modesty – let’s DEFINITELY make brownies when you’re over next month for SHIZZLE. It’s a chocolate-covered date.

  6. Dear Aoife,

    I’m writing to let you know that I’ll be suing you for the price of paper towels I bought in order to mop up the drool I produced upon seeing the baked goods.

    I, for one, would be willing to measure baking ingredients for a living, so long as I could eat the baked goodies.

    Wish somebody’d buy me a cooking course for Chrimbo. Hmph.

    • Dear Mr Kritikos

      You will find that it is not possible to sue for one’s inability to control one’s saliva. Thank you sir.

      With regard to your second point, there is currently an opening at both the I Can Has Cook and Daily Spud kitchens for a person willing to weigh.

      Good luck with your future endeavours,
      Yours etc


  7. Hi!
    i’m nico a belgian mate from those birds friends of yours! I arrived there from the herons blog and i’m drooling now, thanks…
    Well, i’m off for some lunchy shopping then! best thing to do!
    Your blog is really filled with gorgeous food!

    • Hello Nico! Welcome to the blog – I believe we met in The Chester Beatty library with Aidan AND I am the same Aoife who lent my room in Ben’s old house to you and your talented-notebook-making girlfriend. So, your visit to this blog is doubly pleasant! Thanks and hope you had a lovely lunch :)

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