Cully & Sully Chef Factor

Last week, I enjoyed a lovely evening with the good folks at Cully & Sully who had invited some food bloggers to the Westbury for a creative take on lamb and couscous and to tell us about their Chef Factor competition.

Have a look at this lovely video which tells you all you need to know about Chef Factor .  Have a look at the Chef Factor website for details on how to enter and all the prizes to be won.

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  1. OMG Aoife, that has to be the ultimate prize for any foodie, sounds amazing, the lamb dish looks fantastic. was it a nice evening, did you meet Darina or Rachael?

    • A great prize is right! It was a lovely evening. We met Cully and Sully who were the loveliest of fellows. But the other Allens are going to be taking part in the judging of the competition – amazing! Do you think you’ll enter?

  2. I defo think i’ll enter,but will hav to get thinking about it. I have always said if i had 10k its a toss up between Ballymaloe & buying an Aga….not that i hav or ever will hav 10k!!(or a house for the aga) I met Cully or Sully (not sure which one it was) at midleton food fair at the wkend, told them i saw the PR thing on your blog…they were like oh yeah Aoife…Go you!!

    • So have you entered yet Vick? You definitely should! Cully and Sully were both very lovely gents, glad you got a chance to meet them. I’m glad I got a chance to meet them too! :)